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Suffering a serious injury due to the negligence of another party can be a sudden, expected event that completely changes your life-impacting your health, finances, and future. You may be eligible to pursue compensation for any damages through a personal injury claim – but securing the recovery needed can be a complicated affair. Fortunately, an experienced, knowledgeable Jackson personal injury attorney may help you secure the damages you need to make the full recovery you deserve.

If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury due to the negligence of another, please contact The Penton Law Group today to discuss your case. Our personal injury law firm in Jackson, MS is exceptionally qualified to assist you in all types of personal injury matters, acting in your best interests to pursue the maximum possible compensation for your needs. We offer free consultations and are available to take your call at any time.

Call our Jackson office at (601) 500-5357, or fill out an online contact form to tell us more about your case.

Why Choose Our Personal Injury Lawyers in Jackson, MS?

The Penton Law Group is experienced, knowledgeable, and passionate about helping those who have been wrongfully injured.

  • Our injury law firm has over 20 years of experience successfully representing injured clients in Jackson and throughout Mississippi.
  • We are dedicated to providing the best service possible for our clients, limiting our caseload so that each of them receives the attention they deserve.
  • We understand that you may question throughout the process, so we are available 24 hours a day to address any concerns you may have regarding your claim.
  • We represent clients on a contingency fee basis – there are no upfront costs, and you only pay legal fees if we secure a favorable verdict or settlement on your behalf. If we don’t win, you don’t pay.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

At The Penton Law Group, our attorneys have experience in all personal injury matters. This includes:

  • Car accidents: If you have been seriously injured in an accident on the road, you may be able to pursue compensation from the at-fault party. However, because this involves dealing with insurance companies, you may run into complications and roadblocks to recovery. Our car accident lawyers in Jackson, MS can help navigate your options, securing compensation that is full and fair.
  • Truck accidents: Accidents involving large commercial trucks are almost always serious, due to their inherent size and weight – and pursuing compensation for your damages can be difficult due to multiple parties who may share liability for your accident. We can assist in determining liability and pursuing any responsible parties for compensation. Visit our Jackson truck accident lawyers page to learn more about how we can help your case.
  • Premises liability cases: We expect business owners and property managers to adequately maintain their grounds to prevent injury. If a serious injury occurs due to the negligent actions of their parties, you may have a premises liability case. We can assist in investigating the circumstances of your case, determine the liable parties, and pursue them for the maximum possible compensation.
  • Class action lawsuits: If you are part of a large group who have been injured by the same organization or company, you may be eligible to participate in a class-action lawsuit. However, it is important to note that there are both benefits and drawbacks to pursuing a class action suit. We can help you explore your options for compensation, consulting you on the best route to take for recovery.
  • Medical malpractice: All medical professionals have a duty of care to uphold with their patients to ensure their health and wellbeing are preserved. A failure to uphold this duty of care can result in serious injury due to medical negligence and malpractice. We take these claims very seriously and pursue any responsible parties to the fullest extent of the law, ensuring you receive the proper compensation for any damages you may have suffered in your most vulnerable moments.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your legal options, we are here to assist you in any way we can.

Why Call a Jackson Personal Injury Attorney?

If you have suffered a serious injury in an accident in Jackson, Mississippi, it is highly recommended to retain an experienced injury attorney – regardless of the type of personal injury claim. An attorney can provide legal and emotional support immediately following an accident, being an invaluable legal advocate for your needs. Even simple personal injury claims are difficult to litigate by yourself – and even more so if you are injured and recovering in a hospital. A lawyer helps you deal with the legal work, acting on your behalf to ensure your claim is properly processed and you receive the compensation you deserve.

Our Jackson personal injury attorneys are well-equipped to help you with all aspects of your personal injury claim. We are able to assist in any legal needs you may require, such as:

  • Seeking the proper medical care you need for your injuries
  • Gathering any evidence that substantiates your claim
  • Determining who is liable for your injuries
  • Determining the full value of your claim
  • Negotiating with other parties on your behalf
  • Filing any and all paperwork required for your claim
  • Taking your case to trial if a full and fair settlement is not met

At The Penton Law Group, we take pride in giving our clients peace of mind and helping them get through the difficult legal process. We are a strong injury law firm and our team of experienced Jackson injury lawyers will protect your rights and make sure you get the compensation you deserve. We charge no fees unless we win. Give us a call today!

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How Much Does a Lawyer Charge?

We understand that cost may be one of the biggest obstacles when hiring an attorney. After suffering an injury in a serious accident, we know that spending more money is the last thing you want to do – especially if you have medical bills, property damage, and other unexpected expenses piling up. Most lawyers take cases under a contingency fee contract, which means it costs you nothing upfront to hire us.

There are no upfront costs and we do not charge you for our services unless we secure a settlement, verdict, or judgment on your behalf. In our experience, this offers a number of benefits:

  • It allows you to retain our services even through a period of financial hardship.
  • It allows us to conduct comprehensive investigations without having to worry about whether you can afford it. This can strengthen your case, increasing the odds of obtaining the maximum possible settlement for you.

When it comes to getting legal help for your injury case, experience really does matter. Turn to a trusted law firm that has a proven track record of success.

How is  Negligence Proven in a Personal Injury Case?

Proving negligence in a personal injury case can be difficult, but at its basic level, it hinges on four basic concepts:

  • The at-fault party had a duty of care to the injured party under the circumstances. For example, drivers have a duty of care to others on the road, practicing safe driving to ensure they are keeping everyone safe.
  • Breach of duty. The at-fault party violated their duty of care by acting or failing to act in a specific manner.
  • These actions (or failure to act) was a direct cause of the victim’s injuries.
  • The victim was injured or suffered damages due to the at-fault party’s actions.

Proving all four elements of negligence is necessary to hold someone legally responsible for any injuries you may have suffered.

Negligence and Fault Laws to Consider in Mississippi

It is important to note that Mississippi follows a fault-based system for claims. This means that those who are found responsible for an accident and subsequent injuries may be legally liable for any expenses and damages that are incurred. In a fault-based system, the injured victim has a legal right to pursue the at-fault party for those damages. Conversely, in a no-fault state, injured parties must file a claim with their own insurance company for any damages.

When determining damages, Mississippi follows a pure comparative fault-based system regarding negligence. Under this system, all injured parties are eligible to pursue compensation for any damages, minus any percentage of fault they are assigned. For example, if someone is in an accident and is determined to be 70% at fault, they still have a legal right to pursue damages. However, they will only be able to pursue compensation minus their share of liability – so in this instance, they would be able to recover 30% of the possible damages.

Personal Injury Lawyer in Jackson, MS

What is the Statute of Limitations in Jackson, MS?

Like other states, Mississippi has a strict statute of limitations on personal injury claims – a timed deadline to file a valid lawsuit against an at fault party. In Mississippi, you have three years from the date of the accident/injury to file a personal injury claim. Failure to file your claim within this three year time period may disqualify you from further compensation for your injuries.

What is the Discovery Rule?

In certain claims, there may be an exception to the traditional statute of limitations called the “discovery rule.” This rule outlines additional time in cases where the injury or damage is not discovered until much later. In Mississippi, the discovery rule is two years from the date you discovered the injury. However, it is important to note that only certain claims have a discovery rule, and general personal injury claims are not eligible for the discovery rule.

It is best to consult an experienced Jackson personal injury attorney regarding which claims are covered under the discovery rule, as it can vary from state to state.

What Damages Can You Recover After an Injury Lawsuit?

In general, you may be able to secure compensation for the following damages:

  • Medical bills. This includes any expenses for emergency care such as ambulance and emergency medical treatment. Additionally, it includes any future expenses you may incur due to injuries, such as prescription medications, hospitalizations, rehabilitation costs, and follow-up appointments.
  • Lost wages. You may be able to secure compensation for any work you missed due to recovering for your accident. Additionally, in cases where your injuries prevent you from doing your job or progressing your career, you may be compensated for lost future earning potential.
  • Property damage. If any property has been damaged in the accident, you may be compensated for it.

In particularly egregious cases of negligence, the courts may also award you punitive damages. These are intended as an extensive punishment against the at-fault party, and are only reserved for those who either exhibit gross negligence or lack of remorse for their actions. In such circumstances, punitive damages serve as a deterrent to prevent further instances of negligence by the at-fault party.

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If you or a loved one has suffered a serious injury due to the negligence of another, please contact us today to discuss your case. We understand the life-altering effects an injury can have, and we are committed to helping you in any way we can. Schedule a free initial consultation with us today to see how we can assist you. Call today (601) 500-5357.

MaryAnna Penton is the founder of The Penton Law Group and an experienced Jackson personal injury attorney. Penton has a history of successful cases and has been able to recover Millions for her clients. She specializes in personal injury cases and will fight for fair compensation.

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